Salam wbt…

i’m Nurulraini binti Mohd Ramli..i’m a simple girl with a simple need.. but then.. life is not so simple..a lot of things happen.. the up and down.. that creates colours in my life.. that leads me to become who am i right now.. this blog.. is especially for my family and friends to always keep in touch with me and for them to always know my updates and life here.. far away..

about me… currently, i’m doing medicine in LFHK Charles University in Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic.. now, in 3rd study year of 6 years.. Czech Republic is a sweet small country in the Europe.. this is my 2nd home now but always.. nothing could replace my own country, Malaysia.. life as medicine student here way more tough than i thought it should be.. and pray hard that i’ll able to finally become a good doctor.. insyaAllah.. =)

and everyone.. welcome to ‘Colours Inside Me’.. do leave comments and keep in touch, k!

tak, na shledanou! dekuju.. 🙂