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Dengan nama Allah yang Maha Pengasih lagi Penyayang..

sesungguhnya diri manusia itu terbentuk berdasarkan  apa yang difikirkan oleh kebanyakan manusia lain..

aaaahhh.. sistem MAJORITI la kan.. if u believe that A is right, but majority said that B is the right one, what will you choose then? will u stick with A, or will u switch to B?


adakah MAJORITI itu sentiasa benar? tanpa sedar, we let our MIND been controlled by THEM..

siapakah MEREKA?

MEREKA yang bertindak berdasarkan sangkaan mereka semata… bukan berdasarkan kebenaran dari panduan Allah, Al-Quran..

MEREKA yang punyai tangan2 yang berkuasa..

TANGAN-TANGAN itu yang sedang menjajah pemikiran MANUSIA..

Are You Awake???
Let’s free our minds..



sesungguhnya kita bukanlah umat yang tidak berfikir.. (my fav quote.. huu..)

“Dan jika kamu ikuti kebanyakan orang di bumi, nescaya mereka itu menyesatkan kamu dari jalan Allah, mereka tidaklah mengikut, selain dugaan sahaja dan mereka tidak lain hanya mengagak sahaja”

Al-An’am: 116

sesungguhnya diri ini terlalu kerdil.. dan tidak terlepas dari melakukan kesilapan..




The Awakened

Salam wbt…

sebelum terlambat..

nak jemput semua shbt2 muslimah sekalian.. meh la.. ke THE AWAKENED..

buat pertama kalinya Ghazwul Fikr (a.k.a Serangan Pemikiran) disampaikan kat Hradec Kralove ni.. 🙂



location : Baitul Mus’ab (Adalbertinum)

masa: 10.30am – 5.00pm (-7.30pm)

For more details.. klik sini and for update, boleh jenguk2 blog Ghuraba’ HK selalu.. insyaAllah..

“Dan jika kamu ikuti kebanyakan orang di bumi, nescaya mereka itu menyesatkan kamu dari jalan Allah, mereka tidaklah mengikut, selain dugaan sahaja dan mereka tidak lain hanya mengagak sahaja”

Al-An’am: 116

Sedangkan janji Allah..

umat Islam adalah umat yg terbaik.. yg mengajak kepada kebaikan dan mencegah kemungkaran.. (3:110)

yg menjadi saksi terhadap kebenaran Islam.. yg dipertanggungjwabkan utk menyampaikan Al-Haq.. (2:143)

Allah makes us free.. dari penghambaan sesama manusia kpd hanya DIA yg Esa..

but we always forget this, rite? *sigh* *my bad*.. huhu.. that we become weak again.. controlled by others.. we just go with the flow even if it’s against HIS flow…

well, let’s free our minds, our souls, sisters….



My name is….

My name is Khan..

and i’m not a terrorist!

just finished watching this movie.. what can i say… IMPRESSIVE!!.. *speechless*.. i do love this movie so much.. why? well, because it’s extraordinary.. definitely not just a movie.. strong plot, great value, picture of reality.. seriously, it’s a must watch movie.. i’ll rate it 4.9/5… 🙂 worth watching.. rugi ke kalau tak tengok? maybe.. huhu..

dgn tak malunye, i admitted.. i  got teary eyes along almost the whole movie.. hehehe.. sungguh2 tak kusangka.. Bollywood movie can be this good, this meaningful..

watch the trailer, decide yourself how good it can be..

briefly, it’s about a guy with Asperger’s syndrome who lived a happy life in San Francisco until 11/9 incident happened.. when Muslims then not been treated like a human being.. they live in fear.. oppressed by others.. they afraid to become muslim.. and Khan for the worst reason ever, he want to meet American President to say..

“My name is Khan and i’m not a terrorist!”

along his long journey to meet the president, i really love how they put humanity value inside.. and how they potrayed Khan as a practising muslim.. (this is the best point ever..).. with his salah, with his zakat.. as a muslim who proud with his religion.. and how he makes other muslim to wake up from their fear.. and to live again as a proud muslim..*thumb up* *mantap*

and the way they potrayed how muslims live in fear after 11/9.. it’s just too sad.. hurm.. mungkin ke.. since we did experience the same thing too here?.. even it’s not that worst.. but still..

should i story here?? hurm…

there are times.. me, Rian and Nadia.. (RNR of course..).. dgn bahagia dn happynye.. cycling in park.. when suddenly kitorang bertembung wif a group of teenagers.. they stop our bicycles.. dan menyumpah seranah kitorang.. yg ktorang faham.. only.. Afghanistan! terrorist!.. well, tell me then.. how does it feel? how should we react?..

and my own personal experience.. just happen a few months b4.. i was from faculty, going home by bus.. alone.. sampai je Ulrichovo stop, when i get out from bus.. two boys suddenly laugh at me.. with one of them almost giving me a punch on my face.. while other one, meludah.. spitting behind my back.. Ya Allah.. luckily, it’s just that.. i’m not surprised if they can do more than that to me.. but sadly, it’s nothing i can do, apa dosa sy kat dorang till i’d been treated like that?.. sabar.. sabar.. sabar Raini.. Ya Allah, tabahkan aku.. lindungi aku.. *sedih*

i believe, everyone of us here might had this kind of experience too.. but i’m glad.. there are still a lot of nice people in Czech.. that accept us here.. i’m glad.. we can still proudly practising our way of life.. Islam..

Alhamdulillah.. Malaysian students here are well known for being hardworking, non-party type, polite, respecting lecturers.. well, it’s not because our nationality.. it’s because of our Islam.. *end*

p/s: to those who want to give a try..

watch this movie here ——->>>

Encik Brain..

Salam wbt..

(warning: long and might be a boring post!)

20th June.. after 4 hari ‘escape’ from study.. from buku2.. (lame tu..).. need to concentrate on Physio again after this.. yosh.. kene activates encik brain balik.. (malasnye.. hehe..)..

for past few days.. xtvt2 mmbuang mase sy mmg bjln dgn lancar..

  • 16hb lpas exam –> tido, drama *peace*..
  • 17hb –> kemas bilik yg mmg xde rupe bilik.. hoho.. Kirin dtg from Prague.. tidor kat Mus’ab 4 the 1st time.. and xtvt menonton movie “Syurga Cinta” together2 ngn Dalila n Madihah..
  • 18hb –> shopping Kaufland, lawat Kak Aini and baby Hamzah Farouq (comey.. sekejap je da besar da die.. teman Kirin jdi makcik sketika.. hehe..), makan Lasagne Dalila.. sedap.. n donat yg sengal.. (adui.. )
  • 19hb –> melantak kat Cafe Popular ngn Kirin ngn Dalila.. n hantr keberangkatan pulang Miss Kirin ke Prague kt ‘airport’ Hradec.. 🙂 , then back to RNR, drama again.. *wink*..

rasenye, drama tu mmg wajib ade dlm jadual mmbuang mase sy.. (isk.. isk.. hehe..).. and mcm biase la.. Japanese drama will always be my 1st choice.. interesting thing about Japanese drama.. drama die pendek, and die ade byk cerite2 yg unik and not typical.. more variation that other dramas might not offered.. susah nak bosan ngn drama Jepun.. (in my opinion la..)

this time, i watched MR. BRAIN.. by Takuya Kimura, Ayase Haruka, Mizushima Hiro.. owh.. sgt best n sgt menarik.. will give it 4.5/5 stars.. 😛

it’s about a ‘weird’ but ‘genius’ neuroscientist that worked for National Research Institute of Police Science.. that been called as Mr. BRAIN.. briefly, it’s about uses of science in solving crime cases.. in helping police’s investigation.. sounds ‘boring’ and serious, ne? tapi uniknye, through out the story.. sy xsmpat nk mngantuk pun.. in fact, rse mcm brain ni ter’activated’ dgn misteri2 cases in that drama.. and byk la gk sy gelak sorang2 kat umah ni tgk citer tu.. it does have adegan lawak yg mmg sengal sgt2.. (as expected from an experience actor.. -> Takuya Kimura..).. and lgi satu.. the good thing about this drama.. ade byk ilmu CNS dlm tu.. ilmu about our brain’s function.. so, would like to share some interesting Physiology’s stuff in the drama…

there is a case of ANTEROGRADE AMNESIA patient, who can’t remember new things he learned.. he’d been accused for murdering someone.. and here is diagnosis of his brain.. for normal people, new things we learn, will causes activation of hippocampus that the memory will be send to neocortex where it can be stored for long time..




but for amnesia patient, their hippocampus where new memory enter is damage itself, so new memory can’t be created.. (more detail.. in our Physiology 10 inches book.. lol..)

and in this amnesia case, there are also about paleomammalian brain (limbic system) where it’s the deepest storage in our brain.. it’s an association of emotions and memory.. a very long-term memory, “eternal” memory.. long-term love memory.. like between mother and her child, between sister and brother.. even amnesia patient, they might also have this ‘eternal’ memory that’ll never ever been forgotten.. sweet, ne?

then.. there is a case about a doctor who tried to kill his fiancee but she’s not been murdered but end up -> Broca’s APHASIA (she can’t talk/express by speech what she thought).. so, her fiance used her condition to create testimony for himself.. so, this Mr. Brain can detect it since fMRI showed that when she talk.. her speech not linked with her memory, instead links with her temporary stored memory that recently been created by her fiance..



then, he showed to her fiance who intended to kill her how her brain’s scan while he showed her picture of him….. her amygdala was activated -> that’s our brain’s reaction, where the most activated part.. while we saw someone that we love.. it’s a touching scene.. interesting, rite?



there are some fews more.. like how can we know someone is lying.. how’s our brain work to smile naturally or unnaturally.. how our vision and brain can trick us.. and how our brain can react faster with colour than shape.. and also.. candy/sweet are good for our brain metabolism.. 🙂

love how he constantly said..

you can lie but your brain won’t LIE..

well, i find this drama is so interesting.. i wish it’ll be longer.. *sigh*.. and if our sistem pembelajaran through drama2 camni.. kan best? senang nak ingat.. till now pun, when i learned about cerebellum and it’s degeneration.. it’ll remind me of Aya.. One Litre of Tears drama.. (a Japanese drama too..)
ohh.. enough of my rant.. back to real Physio..

okies, tak! na shle… 🙂

Perempuan Berkalung Sorban

Salam wbt..

akhirnye, after few months jugak tunggu filem ni keluar, dapat gak tengok citer nih.. thanks to Kak Lene yg gitau citer ni dah kuar.. 🙂

Perempuan Berkalung Sorban…

“Usah ajarkan aku soal istighfar, kerana aku lebih tahu soal itu!”

“Islam tidak adil sama perempuan!”

Gempak kan? Berdebarkan? kalau sehingga ayat2 mcm ni boleh keluar dari mulut seseorang.. u can guess how much she suffers in her life.. memberontak becoz of kongkongan dn ketidakadilan didikan yg diterima..

bile nengok (tiru gye Koin.. hehe..) citer nih, sy terus je teringat kat ayat Allah yg femes ni…

“Allah tidak memberati seseorang melainkan apa yang terdaya olehnya…….”

Al-Baqarah : 286

sebabnye.. Anissa ni memang tabah.. tabah yg mmg sgt la tabah.. memang tabah la.. (tgkla sndiri klu nk tau cmne tabahnye die..) wlaupun dgn jiwa yg memberontak.. wlaupun diuji dgn dugaan yg hebat.. tapi kerana kebijaksanaan dn semangat yg die ada, she’s not turn out to become rebellious, liar atau jauh dari jalan Allah.. in fact, she become someone yg sgt tabah dn tekad with ‘perjuangan’ dia.. sebabnya Allah tahu dgn ujian2 ni.. she will become closer to Him.. (apa Raini merepek ni??)

okeylah, brief sinopsis cerita ni.. it’s about perjuangan Anissa, anak kpd pemilik pesantren Al-Huda.. dia dibesarkan dalam keadaan yg perempuan sangatlah terkongkong dn xdiberi kebebasan serta layanan yg adil.. disebabkan sistem hidup ni la, menyebabkan hidup die sgt3 tragis (xkasar sgt kut klu sy ckp mcm kene lempar lam neraka dunia..).. seriously, she is such a strong woman.. sgt tabah.. so, bile die keluar from ‘that world’.. when she start to has her own freedom, she start to realize about pros and contras of freedom.. akhirnye she got strength utk perjuangkan the real kebebasan.. not bebas in term of bebas yg org faham kut.. but freedom utk berfikir, berpendapat dn memilih.. perjuangan dia untuk mengubah suasana dan pemikiran sempit pesantren tersebut.. nampak asas perjuangan Anissa tu.. bukanlah die menentang pesantren itu.. atau ajaran Islam yg disampaikan.. sekadar mengubah suasana pesantren itu agar lebih adil utk perempuan (since kite tahu how much tingginye darjat perempuan dalam Islam) dan lebih terbuka dlm penerimaan ilmu luar.. since she doesn’t want any other produk2 pesantren itu yg menerima nasib, kesusahan yg sama mcm die lalui.. dn since die nampak sndiri bgaimana anak2 pesantren itu yg terlalu menikmati nikmatnya kebebasan after keluar dari pesantren tersebut.. sampai akhirnye merosak akhlak mereka.. (boleh ckp.. culture shock kan?)

citer ni mcm timbulkan kontroversi kat Indon, katanye memfitnah pesantren dan agama Islam.. hurm.. mungkin ada la cikit kut klu tak cuba nak memahami tema yg nak disampaikan cerita ni.. ke’konfius’an tu mungkin timbul bila sesuatu perkara tu dibuat, adakah amalan Islam, or just tradition dlm masyarakat?.. dn apabila sesuatu ajaran Islam tu disalahgunakan oleh orang yg berilmu untuk kepentingan sendiri.. dn jugak apabila ilmu Allah tu disempitkan dlm satu skop je.. wallahuaklam.. xberani la kut sy nak ulas pnjg, sebabnye sy pun bukanlah byk ilmu pn, takut nak ckp lebih2 utk sesuatu yg sy xtahu.. tpi rsenye.. overall, sy rse byk +ve nye cerita ni dri -ve.. klu nak tgk cerita ni.. the best way..u must think outside the box.. and don’t jump to conclusion until you watch it till the end..

along that story.. wlpn intro confuse dan berdebar dgn pemberontakan Anissa.. slow2.. you will see apa yg nk disampaikn oleh citer ni..

kagum.. kagum sgt dgn kekuatan Anissa tu.. she’s just normal human being.. yg ada keinginan, impian dan pemikiran sendiri dan berani utk perjuangkan prinsip dia walaupun terpaksa menentang arus.. i really love the poster.. segerombolan perempuan2 bertudung putih yg face ke belakang.. while she.. with black hijab, with a turban around her neck.. face ke hadapan.. menentang arus.. alone..

for me, poster ni.. which means.. in the situation when everyone is typical.. when they all just go along with the flow.. which all of them already dididik, di’train’ yg there’s the only and only one jalan ke Syurga for women.. but Anissa.. she’s unique and different.. with her own stand and belief.. which also berlandaskan ilmu yg die ada, menentang arus.. alone (with help of her husband for some times..).. choose the other different path.. pertahankan the right of ‘freedom’.. in having their own opinion and life..

want to quote her last speech.. which conclude the whole movie.. and which draw a very joyful smile on my lips.. 🙂

“Kalian semua adalah calon muslimah, calon isteri untuk suami kalian tercinta, dan calon ibu untuk anak2 yg kalian sayangi.. Syurga menurut janji Allah, ada di bawah telapak kaki kita, perempuan.. tapi jangan lupa satu hal, bahawa Allah juga memberikan manusia kebebasan.. Mau jadi apapun kalian nanti, pilihlah jalan Allah dengan rasa bebas, dan dengan hati yang ikhlas.. Dengan itu insyaAllah kita akan hidup dengan tenang dan tanpa rasa benci..

Others dialog yg berlegar2 gak kt otak saya.. yg melekat kat hati saya..

“Jangan sebut aku perempuan sejati jika hidup hanya berkalang lelaki.. Tapi bukan berarti aku tidak butuh lelaki untuk aku cintai..”

“Allah tau kok apa yg ada dlm hati kita..”

Kamu tidak kesunyian.. kerana Allah itu lebih dekat dari urat nadi kita sendiri..”

ntahla.. conclusionnye.. this is a very nice and great movie with a very meaningful theme.. kalaulah Malaysia jugak boleh hasilkan filem sehebat dan sebermakna ni.. sgt la best.. instead of cerita2 yg merepek je love story nye.. btw, ade kan.. filem “Syurga Cinta” xsilap.. lakonan Heliza ngn Awal.. bakal ditayang.. tpinye.. dgr.. mcm copycat Kiamat Sudah Dekat je.. ntah la.. but the last one movie yg this type yg sy tgk.. seingat sy.. Qaisy & Laila.. tahun 2005.. 4 tahun lalu…

so, korang.. try la tengok citer ni and nilailah sendiri.. everyone might have their own opinion about this movie.. but this is mine.. wallahuaklam.. klu pernilaian ini silap..


p/s : pinjamlah wlau secebis semangat ketabahan dan perjuangan Anissa..

Salam wbt..

first of all, tahniah team ghuraba’ dan gak sahabat2 lain yang dah berjaya anjurkan camp ni.. kem yg sekejap.. tp sweet and meaningful.. insyaAllah.. always to be remembered.. 🙂

actually, just want to post video yang ditayang masa camp haritu.. video yang proses pembikinan die mmg menggugat kesabaran saya la gak.. hehe.. but i do enjoy and satisfied with these video.. walaupun ade cacat yg mmg xmampu nak pulihkan.. wat2 pejam mata je lah Raini…

lately.. rasenye.. baru perasan yang diri ni agak ‘perfectionist’.. video yg sepatutnye boleh disiapkan awal.. jdi lame betul nak siapkan.. ni xkena.. tu tak kena.. ish.. penyakit hati betul le.. hihi.. hasilnye.. okey la kut.. i know i already tried my best..

Satu Tekad – lagu tema

Opening Syahadatul Haq

*sedang teringin nak mendalami ilmu pembikinan video nih.. ade tuk guru yg sudi perturunkan ilmu x?*

short review tentang SH haritu.. xreti nak cerita panjang.. malu sendiri nak ulas.. kerdilnya diri ni.. malu.. malu… cuma sikit perkara yg boleh nk cakap pun.. yang melekat ayat-ayat ni kat hati..

Sampaikanlah walau sepotong ayat.. -Hadith Rasulullah SAW-

setahap mana pun kite, rendah atau tinggi ilmunye, asalkan mengiktiraf pengislaman diri.. semuapun mempunyai hak yang sama.. walaupun sekadar sepotong ayat.. sekadar kemampuan..

“Patutkah manusia menyangka bahawa mereka akan dibiarkan dengan hanya berkata: Kami beriman, sedang mereka tidak diuji (dengan sesuatu cubaan)?”   (29:2)

ujian2 Allah SWT ni.. byk sgt caranye.. byk waktunye.. dan mungkin diri kerdil ini juga sedang diujiNya.. bertahan! *wink*

Celik ‘IT’nye..


uhu.. xde ape nk tulis pn actually.. cume rse mcm sgt xbest jek xdpt meng’update’ blog nih.. huhu..

okies ler, actually just nk citer betapa diri ni sgtla ‘celik’ IT.. sedang ber’chat’ ngn encik Afif.. die yg mmgla celik (benar2 celik) berusaha sakan la mengajar ilmu ‘notepad’.. tapi anehnye, lepas di’save’kan file tuh.. xjugak kuar2.. aneh2.. penat la gk memerah otak pikir silap ape ntah.. smpai akhirnye, sifu pn give up mengajar.. so, lpas tu, try la klik skali lgi kt file tuh, (msih xnk putus asa..) jeng3… akhirnye kuar gk.. hoho.. eh…????

sbnrnye, misunderstanding.. ingt xpayah klik pn die kuar otomatik.. rupenye kene klik dulu, bru die kuar.. mmg tggu smpai sudah pn xkuar2 slagi xklik.. aduh.. ‘merepek’ btul la otak ni.. kan xpasal2 mnyusahkn diri sndiri dan org lain.. so, akhirnye.. bjaya gak proses me’notepad’kan.. dekuju moc!!


ni pun.. slepas diajar sifu, baru mmpu print screen.. teruk btul.. print screen tau.. tp nk paste kt ne xtau.. adeh.. *malu*malu*.. sape yg mungkin gak rabun IT mcm sy yg tingin nk wat notepad ni.. utk butiran lanjut, bolehlah lawat ke HidupKu bukan HidupMu..

pengajaran: walau ape sekalipun bidang pengajian or profession kite.. silelah amik tau gk tntg dunia2 IT nih jugak yer.. huehue..

Take a Break..

Salam a ahoj..

today, after finished my Biology credit test.. or to be precise : Medical Biology & Genetic (mantap je bunyinye..hehe..).. i was really in hyper’happy’ mood.. keep on smiling ear to ear.. i’m basking in happiness..

not because of  i’m doing great in that test.. i know, there are mistakes.. here and there.. but at least.. now, i can take a break for a while.. can me’lagha’ puas2 after days of ‘hypertension’ state.. hoho.. oh.. i really need a break.. or else.. might HYSTERIA! lol.. please don’t.. kang masin lak presentation current health tuh..pandai sangat pilih tajuk, kan da kene.. hehe..

for this time being.. just want to feel free.. relax.. reset my mind.. no pressure at all..

”like nobody want anything from me”.. love this word of our ‘Cognitive-Behavioral’ lecturer.. Miss Bazantova..

since i know.. at the moment when result for Czech 3 and Biology are out.. i might need to get back in gear again.. need to mentally, physically, emotionally prepared.. to again FIGHTING!!! for my study..

since this moment of ‘freedom’ won’t last longer.. will treasure it.. will ‘lagha’ puas2..

berbekalkan yogurt, limau bali, and chips.. put my mind and soul (lebih2 la plak..) to Boys Over Flower.. to Goo Jun Pyo.. seem like Jun Pyo Syndrome affects lots of us, Malaysian girl’s population in Hradec Kralove.. seem like we should create a group of Jun Pyo’s fans.. i’ll be the President, rite? since he is my ‘oppa’.. everyone know there is something between us..

okay, then.. introducing my new ‘oppa’.. Goo Jun Pyo..

i love this MV.. since i really fall for his expression whenever he hurt by JanDi.. he really can act.. seriously.. hehe..

Baby & Me..

Ahoj.. it’s 3 o’clock in the morning.. just finished watching  korean movie entitled.. Baby And Me.. uhhh.. the baby is freaking adorable.. he’s soooo cute.. soooo adorable.. uhh.. and his facial expression when acting.. comey2.. x tahan..siyes xtahan… tergoda habis…

arghhh.. what should i do? i love him…. awwww…. i like him… huaaaa… chronic mental state rite now.. (try to calm down myself.. using Cognitive lesson to release tense.. hahahaha…)

the story is awesome.. the baby is the cutest baby ever.. his daddy is so loving and sweet.. quite handsome too.. hehe.. it’s about 19 years old boy who suddenly found out that he had a baby boy named Han Woo Ram (acting by Moon Mason).. so, this story is about how he tries to babysit his own son..

i’m now totally into this baby.. Moon Mason, the baby is too cute to been describe by words.. huhu.. watch this movie in Mysoju.. here the link… then, u will know how adorable he is in this story (except for the voice of Woo Ram.. so unsuitable and annoying..should use cuter voice.. haish..)

Baby And Me

Baby And Me




Aquarius Compatibility??

Rian sent me a few link.. Quiz link.. it’s about who’s your DBSK hubby, which DBSK member will fall for you.. etc (but all related to DBSK.. well, because it’s Rian rite? hehe..) so, after i did those Quiz.. since i had so much free time left.. (not really actually but since i’m lazy.. so, yeah.. i had lots of time..).. then, i decided to make one quiz by myself.. hehehe.. just for fun.. nothing serious..

and the topic that i choose.. hurm.. rather close with me, myself.. it might be bit ‘sengal’ and funny but i just can’t stop myself doing some new interesting stuff.. hehe.. so, here the result of my first-ever-make Quiz.. 🙂 quite fun actually doing this.. make our own quiz.. hehe.. try this.. and see how compatible you are with Aquarius.. 😛

Are you compatible with Aquarius?